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Judicial Administration Training Institute (JATI)

Methodical training is a human resource development activity and judicial education and training is a discipline to enhance capacity of the Judges, Law officers of the Government, Advocates and court support staffs for achieving better access to justice for the citizens.

To relieve the litigants from confronting factors like inordinate delay, exorbitant cost and uncertainty in the disposal of court proceedings and thus to facilitate easy access to justice, necessity for institutional training of judges has long been felt. This feeling has accelerated with the passage of time for strengthening democracy and establishment of rule of law. Again in order to keep pace with socio-economic development both in national and international spheres, the judiciary needs to be dynamic, sound and capable to meet the requirement of time. For achieving these objectives, imparting training to the judges and other connected with the administration of justice is considered necessary.


Against this backdrop Parliament enacted the Judicial Administration Training Institute Act, 1995 with a view to set-up a training institute, namely, the Judicial Administration Training Institute (JATI) as a statutory public authority as the focal point for training of members of judicial service and certain other professionals connected with the judicial system. In pursuance of section 11 of the said Act, a person who is or has been or is qualified to be a judge of the Supreme Court shall be the Director General who shall be the full time Chief Executive Officer of the Institute and responsible for the implementation of the decisions of the Management Board constituted under that Act and he shall discharge other functions of the Institute as per instruction of the aforesaid Management Board headed by the Chief Justice of Bangladesh. Initial functioning of the Institute was started in 1996 with the appointment of a former Judge of the Supreme Court as its Director General. In March 1, 1997 the Institute was formally inaugurated by the Hon’ble Prime Minister of Bangladesh.



The activities of the Institute are as follows:

  1. Imparting training to the persons appointed in the judicial service, Law Officers entrusted with conducting of government cases, Advocates enlisted with the Bangladesh Bar Council and officers and staff of all courts and Tribunals subordinate to the High Court Division of the Supreme Court;
  2. Arranging and imparting training in legislative drafting and drafting of other legal documents;
  3. Imparting training in legislative drafting and drafting of other legal documents to trainees from abroad in cooperation with international donor agencies;
  4. Conducting research and investigation in respect of court management and to publish the same;
  5. Arranging and conducting national and international conferences, workshops and symposia for improvement of the judicial system and quantity of judicial work;
  6. Publishing periodicals, reports etc. on the judicial system and court management;
  7. Advising the Government on any matter relating to the judicial system and court management;
  8. Determining the subjects of study and curriculum and all other matters relating to training programmes under this Act;
  9. Awarding certificates to those trained in the Institute;
  10. Establishing and managing the libraries and reading rooms;
  11. Any work, determined by rules, to activate the judicial administration system;
  12. Any actions necessary for fulfilling the above functions.

Head Office

    Judicial Administration Training Institute (JATI)

    15, College Road, Dhaka-1000, Bangladesh.
    Tel: 88-02-7169789
    Fax: 88-02-7169012