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Marriage Registration
Muslim Marriage and Divorce (Registration) Act, 1974 provides that every marriage solemnized under Muslim Law shall be registered and for this purpose the Government shall appoint Marriage Registrars. Every Marriage Registrar shall maintain separate Register of marriages and divorces in the prescribed manner. The Muslim Marriage and Divorces (Registration) Rules, 2009 are framed to determine the qualifications for appointment of a Marriage Registrar, fees payable to a Marriage Registrar and any other matter ancilliary thereto. Candidates seeking licence of a Marriage Registrar must possess Alim Certificate from a Madrasha Board or University and must be between 21 to 40 years of age. An application for appointment of a Marriage Registrar shall be made in the prescribed form to the Secretary of Advisory Committee. The Advisory Committee shall advice the Government in regard to the selection of a Marriage Registrar. The service of a Marriage Registrar is not a government service. A Marriage Registrar shall hold office till expiry of 65 years of age.
  Prescribed fees for Marriage and Divorce registrations:-  
  A Nikah Registrar shall, charge for registration of a marriage a fee at the rate of taka ten for the dower of every one thousand taka or part thereof, subject to a minimum of taka one hundred and a maximum of taka four thousand.  
  A Nika Registrar shall charge a fee of taka two hundred for registration of a divorce.  
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