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Registration Directorate

The system of Registration had almost been unknown to the people of Indo Bangladesh Sub-continent before the advent of British Regime. The people then used to grab Land of others by force creating and fabricated document and produced them, claiming immunity from payment of Land Revenue and consideration money. As, such it was very difficult to settle the disputes originated from those anomalies.

The Law of Registration was, therefore, introduced, with a view to preventing fraud and steamlining the collection of revenue as well as protecting the right, title and interest of the common people. The registration of documents was made optioned though it was provided that certain documents, if registered would take effect over unregistered document. The Department of Registration is an old public oriented institution, Although it is earning huge revenue in domestic resouce under deferent heads. It is contributing a lion amount of revenue in the internal source.

On 1st January 1793 by regulation No. 36 of 1793 an office of the registration of deeds was established at the Sadar station of the district.  Act XXX of 1838 provided for the establishment of Sub-Registrar's offices at all Sub-District in addition and the appointment of offices to superintend such offices, were appointed as District Registrar. Act VIII of 1871 abolished the offices of the Registrar-General and introduced the offices of the Inspector general and Assistant Inspector General as well as Act' VIII of Act also Provided for the appointment of Inspectors of registration offices.


The functions of the Directorate is to control and Supervise the work of the District Registrar and Sub-Registrars all over Bangladesh. The appointment transfer and promotion relating to Sub-Registrar lying with this Directorate with prior approval of this Ministry. The directorate is also entrusted with the supervisory functions of administration over the field officer. The Directorate is responsible for implementing the rules and regulations regarding registration of documents through 61 District Registrar & 476 Sub-Registry Offices situated all over the country except 3 Hill Tract Districts. The whole process is based on the existing Registration Act, Rules and the Registration manual.

The object for which the law of registration was promulgated are set forth below :-

  1. To provide conclusive guarantee of the genuineness of documents;
  2. To afford publicity to transactions of property;
  3. To prevent frauds;
  4. To afford facility of ascertaining whether a property has already been dealt with; and
  5. To afford security of title-deeds and facility of providing titles in case the original deeds are lost or destroyed.


 It is the primary duty of the Registering officer to register a document when it is presented before him in the office, or at a residence u/s. 31 & 38 of Registration Act (XVI of 1908). If the document presented before him for non-compliance of Section 17-21 of the Registration Act (XVI of 1908) he may refuse the document U/S 25. When a document is presented, his duty is to assess Stamp duty, Registration fees, Gain tax, District Council tax, Union parishad tax, Cantonment Board tax etc. His duty is also to -take oath, affirm the affidavit u/s 4 vide President order no. 142 of 1972 and take evidence in the ejlash as designed as Civil & Criminal Court. Their function is also a Quasi-Judicial function. They also function like a criminal court u/s 190 of Cr.P.C. They also are protected u/s 78 of the Bangladesh Penal Code like judicial officers.


  1. Registration of documents of transfer of movable or immovable properties.
  2. Permanent preservation of records of registration.
  3. Supply of any certified copy in case of any loss or destruction of original document.
  4. Intending party can collect any kind of information regarding transfer of property.
  5. Intending party can collect Non-Encumbrance Certificate through Deed Writers or Searchers.
Head Office

    Registration Directorate

    14, Abdul Goni Road

    Dhaka-1000, Bangladesh.